Visit us from 9th to 15th February 2018 at the stand H73 hall 3.0


We are exhibiting over 40 cookware sets and 22 new decors, great part of them awarded at the fifth Facebook competition, as well as patterns created by designers which cooperate with Metalac for years like Sanja Devic, Dzenana Hajrovic, “STUDIOLAV” and other.

Beside various cookware collections, from classic enamel to modern aluminium manufactured by the latest industrial trends, exclusive lines for HORECA users will be presented.

This globally most important show of consumer goods is expected to have about 4.700 exhibitors from 90 countries and 145.000 visitors from 160 countries.


About Ambiente 2017

The 2017 edition of AMBIENTE, the biggest show of consumer goods held at Frankfurt fairground, took place from 10th to 14th February. The official statistics show something better parameters than of the previous edition: 4500 exhibitors, 96 countries and over 140000 visitors from 154 countries. The show occupied 27 halls with 308,000 square meters of exhibition space. During five days of the show visitors were able to see trends and innovations for the next one year period.


Beside Germans in top 10 nations that visited the show there were businessmen from Italy, China, France, USA, Spain, United Kingdom, Holland, Switzerland, South Korea and Turkey. Also the number of visitors from Canada, Australia, Russia, Emirates and Brazil increased significantly.

For Metalac Posudje it was 35th time to participate at the show, last eight years with stand located in the Hall 3.0 where mostly producers of cookware and accessories exhibit. In affirmation of Metalac’s excellent reputation new arrangements will be initiated for 2017 and 2018. Metalac staff met with number of actual and potential clients from the region, Europe, Russia…who were pleased with newly presented cookware collections. Obviously and beside that of Austrian producers, the enamel cookware produced and offered by Metalac, its quality, innovation, design and overall performance was a declaration of supremacy.

For this edition Metalac presented 25 new collections. In the range of non-stick products there was the Professional collection meant for HORECA clients and resulting from several months of hard development work new redesigned pressure cooker with a glass on the lid that allows to save more time and energy. At the Metalac booth there was a special corner dedicated to the winners of the “New Memories” contest and the winners of the Facebook contest that brought innovative, fresh and unusual ideas to the world of enamel cookware which was rather appreciated by the visitors. Mr Aleksandar Marković, director of Metalac Posudje, was convinced that great and interesting projects were already happening but to be discussed only in few months.

Some of traditional partners had also occasion to meet with the president of the company Mr Dragoljub Vukadinović and with the managing director, Mr Petrašin Jakovljević. Beside the hosts from Gornji Milanovac there was the director of the Metalac affiliate in Moscow as well as the agents for Macedonian and Slovenian markets as long term partners of Metalac.


Visit us at Ambiente Show in Frankfurt

We are pleased to invite you to visit our booth 3.0 H73 at 2017 edition of Ambiente show held in Franfkrut from 10th to 14th February.

For the greatest show of consumer goods we have prepared some 25 cookware collections from classical enamel on steel to contemporary designed aluminium items by latest production trends. In non-stick category we will present a line of professional items for HORECA users, and there will be also new pressure pot that we are launching after several years of studies – thanks to a glass display where one can monitor pressurized cooking process energy and time savings are even greater.

Also this year the special corner on the Metalac booth will be dedicated to the winners of the contest for “New Memories” creations, as well as to the winners of our Facebook contest, for their innovative, fresh and unusual approach to enamel cookware design.




The coming edition of AMBIENTE fair of consumer goods held in Frankfurt will be of utmost importance for Metalac Posudje also this time. From 12th to 16th February at its stand Metalac will be exhibiting enameled, stainless steel and aluminum cookware presenting 20 new design patterns to long term partners as well as to potential clients. For almost 25 years Metalac has been participating at this prestigious manifestation competing directly with other worldwide manufacturers.

This year one corner will be dedicated to the awarded works of the recent designer competition “New Memories” carried out together with the Balkan Design Network. Visitors of the Ambiente fair will be also able to see the original cookware made by awarded designers’ works that were firstly presented to public at the “New Memories” exhibition at the Mixer House in Belgrade at on 26th January 2016.

Just 3 weeks after the Frankfurt event Metalac will be showing its new cookware designs at the International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago from 5th to 8th March 2016.




Voted by citizens of Serbia METALAC POSUDJE won the prestigious award TOP SERBIAN BRANDS 2014 traditionally presented in cooperation with the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and the Agency for Foreign Investment Opportunities. Organized by portal and exclusive magazine TOP SERBIAN BRANDS, the winners were announced in 56 categories. Metalac won in the category of the best consumer durables. Winners for 2014 were elected by independent surveys conducted on a random sample of adult citizens of Serbia and the main conditions for obtaining awards are: familiarity with the brand, top quality, customer satisfaction, excellence and business results.
METALAC POSUDJE is in the elite company of top brands such as Bambi plasma biscuits, Jelen pivo (Apatinska pivara), NIS, Exit, Novak Djokovic, Air Serbia...




Each first born received 500 Euro from Metalac Foundation, second born got 1000 Euro and third born got 2000 Euro each.

Greetings were presented by the CEO of Metalac and President of the Foundation, Mr. Petrasin Jakovljevic. In the audience there were about 900 children for whom we made a performance and prepared new-year gifts. Traditional ceremony for children and in particular for Metalac babies born in 2014 that took place last Saturday in December, for the first time was held at Breza sports hall. Complete space was occupied with about 900 children with their parents and the central scene was the red carpet with 44 babies held in the arms of their parents. With 26 boys and 18 girls last year was rather fruitful one since the Metalac Foundation was started in 2006. During these 9 years over 360 babies were born and greeted by Metalac with amounts from 500 to 4000 Euro, depending what in order the child was in the family.

The mission is to stimulate young people to start families and to grow them. Some 20 couples got their first child in 2014 and there were as much families with second child. Two families got third child. There were also twins who are second and third child in that family.

Greeting cheques were presented to the parents of new-borns by the CEO and the President of the Foundation, Mr. Petrasin Jakovljevic. The Metalac unions provided gifts for all children up to 12 years of age. So after the theatre piece “Traces in the snow”, performed by the Cultural Centre of Gornji Milanovac, three Santa Clauses were very busy. Christmas gifts from Metalac reached also KSS, Red Cross and Children and Maternity section of the hospital in Gornji Milanvoac.




In collaboration with the Culinary Federation of Serbia and the Diplomatic Association of Serbia on the Gastro fest event was held at the Belgrade Fair, October 16-19 2014 - the biggest gastronomic spectacle in region combined four events: Balkan Culinary Cup, Big Master, Balkan Chilli Festival and EXPO.

Local and international chefs of all generations gathered at the Festival and prepared their specialties in our cookware, and the winners of 10 major categories were presented with Metalac stainless steel casserole instead of a cup. At the final stage of the Belgrade Gastro fest the national culinary team of Serbia was elected to represent our country at forthcoming international gastronomic competitions.




From 3rd to 5th September our cookware was presented for the first time to the Japanese market on 30 square meters at "Tokyo Gift Show". Already in October our cookware will be offered to Japanese market through the company Asahi Kinzoku from Nagoya, in specialized shops, department stores, gift shops and internet sales.

The first container shipped to Japan will contain classical cookware decorated with the pattern designed by a Swedish designer engaged by our Japanese client. Beside designer's name the items on the bottom explicitly show our brand "Made by Metalac" which is of utmost importance for us. Beside classical items this first delivery will include sets of the Novum collection and Takovo tea kettles. Video link





For more than a year mini m cookware with Disney characters has been present at the local and foreign markets. After Mickey and Minnie Mouse collection that attracted both juniors and seniors, we put on market the Disney Princesses collection about which girls were such excited. From end May also very popular Cars characters could be found on our mini m cookware.





Mid May a letter from Fox Life television arrived to our company asking us to host Narda Lopes from Argentina with her crew. Shortly after, the star of culinary shows arrived to Metalac with her crew of seven people, and we could tell that her visit was not en passant.

Narda is same for Latin America as Jamie Oliver for Europe. Completely in love with enamel cookware, on her tour of the Balkans she could not miss to make video of Metalac factory of cookware that she has already been using. An idea came up of possible cooperation.

This rather sympathetic Argentinean lady, winner of various international and TV culinary awards, has been making culinary shows throughout the world for the Fox Life channel, presenting culture and culinary traditions of various regions. So she came to the Balkans where she visited Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and finally Serbia. The show with Metalac cookware will be first broadcasted in Latin America, then USA and later in Europe, total some 19 countries.





In 2013 for the prestigious award "Best from Serbia" competed 175 companies, 50% more than previous year. The awards were presented on 9th April at the ceremony held at the Yugoslav Drama Theatre in the presence of Mr. Rasim Ljajić, vice-president of the Serbian government. There were 23 winners in various categories and the highest recognition - corporate brand of the decade - went to Metalac, while the best merchandise brand went to Bambi for the "Plazma". Three criteria groups were decisive for such choice: market and finance, perception of pooled consumers and votes of the expert jury.

The Best Corporate Brand in the Past Decade Award was handed by Mr. Željko Sartić, president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia, to the president of the company Metalac, Mr. Dragoljub Vukadinović, saying that promotion of the best brands encourages the national brand and the image of Serbia abroad.

In the category of Best Brand for consumer durables Metalac cookware was elected and the award handed to Mr. Petrašin Jakovljević, CEO of Metalac a.d. The tenth jubilee campaign "Best of Serbia was realized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia (CCIS), in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign and Internal Trade and Telecommunications and "Privredni pregled" daily.


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